Mars Gaming MSX, 35-W-PC-Lautsprecher, 5 Multimedia-Modi, 2.1-Subwoofer, 3,5-mm-Buchse

Mars Gaming MSX - Subwoofer 2. 1-system und 3 aktive treiber für eine spektakuläre Balance zwischen kräftigen Bässen und scharfen Höhen. Pro gaming 2. 1 lautsprecher mit 35 W. 5 multimedia-modi: bluetooth 5. 0, usb, microsd-karte, aux und radio; AUX-Audio-Buchse 3, 5 mm.

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XL-Mauspad, Gaming-Mauspad von Cmhoo 90x40 Map

chengmenghe chengmenghe - The heavy rubber bottom prevents your mouse mat from ever moving when using it. Evens out an un-even surface providing a flat surface for your keyboard to sit on WHAT ELSE DOES THIS MOUSE MAT DO THAT I DIDN'T THINK OF? * Makes you rage less. Low friction: smooth surface for SPEED and CONTROL. Optimized for various mouse sensors and sensitivities.

Especially with a mechanical keyboard. Description: why do i need a large mouse pad? * why not? * never have to worry about running of the edge again! * large surface is ideal for fps games such as CS and TF2 * Do a 360 degree turn without lifting up your mouse! WHAT ARE PROS OF PUTTING KEYBOARD ON A MOUSE MAT? * It looks awesome.

XL-Mauspad, Gaming-Mauspad von Cmhoo 90x40 Map - Because our construction is so solid, these guys will survive a machine wash. Features: * designed by gamers, great to use for gaming/office work. Prevents movement of keyboard when on mouse mat. Portable with cloth surface. The large, thick surface also protects your desk surface against scratches and damage! HOW ARE WE BETTER THAN OUR COMPETITORS? * Our products have STITCHED EDGES that prevents fraying or peeling of surface.

Dimensions: l900mmxW400mmxH2mm 35. 4x15. 7x0

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